Welcome to Neon Protocol!

You've been tasked with hacking terminals, while avoiding firewalls, and breaking encrypted doorways, all in only a few seconds.  It will take a lot of quick thinking and dexterity!

Neon Protocol is a mouse/finger dexterity game that only gives you a few seconds to complete each level.  You can play on PC or mobile.

I made this game over 2 days so please let me know if you find any issues or bugs with the game!


Music: "Cyber Streets" by Eric Matyas Soundimage.org


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I successfully beat the game. Had the hardest time with Level 11. I think this would be a really solid mini-game within a larger game. I enjoyed the vibe and felt it was fairly well balanced. Nice music as well. The Main Menu could use a little work. I like the design of the io page over the design of the main menu. Thanks for sharing this nifty game!

Aww thank you so much for playing the game!  Level 11 is tough!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you very much for the feedback!


10/10 would play in year 8 ICT lessons

Haha that's awesome to hear.  Thanks for playing my game!